In January at Cinéma Moderne

Cinéma Moderne is proud to present quality movies on the big screen, where new releases, special events and cult films are offered to the public. In January, moviegoers will be able to discover the much awaited Synonyms by Navad Lapid, which questions exile and cultural heritage through the eyes of a young Israeli, as well as the documentary Chaakapesh by Roger Frappier and Justin Kingsley, following the adaptation of an indigenous tale as an opera by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and its tour in the Cree, Innu and Inuit communities.

Also on the program: L.A. Tea Time, an extraordinary travel diary across the United States by Sophie Bédard Marcotte, and the documentary Midnight Family by Luke Lorentzen in which a Mexican father and his two children try to profit from a deficient health system by responding to medical emergencies of their fellow citizens. Film buffs will also be able to see The Cordillera of Dreams (La cordillera de los sueños), the end of the geographic and political trilogy on Chile by Patricio Guzmán, as well as the most recent documentary by Santiago Bertolino about Innu poet and activist Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, NIN E TEPUEIAN – My cry, preceded by the short film My Pride, directed by Kassandra Vollant and presented by Wapikoni mobile.

The original series, an essential part of the monthly programming of Cinéma Moderne, are back this month. M: les Maudits with Smithereens by Susan Seidelman in its restored version, Les Petits Modernes with Le chat du rabbin, and the comeback of cELLEuloid, which will present Greener Grass by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe.

Two special screenings will be held to commemorate significant anniversaries. The public will be able to see Adam Traynor‘s musical film Ivory Tower, presented as part of the 10th anniversary of its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival. The film Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania by Jonas Mekas will also be screened to mark the first anniversary of the filmmaker’s death.


Synonyms by Nadav Lapid

France, Israel, Germany / 2019/ Original multilingual version with French subtitles / 123 minutes

From January 10

Chaakapesh by Roger Frappier and Justin Kingsley

Quebec, Canada / 2019 / Original multilingual version with French subtitles / 126 minutes

From January 16

* With Roger Frappier and Justin Kingsley in attendance on January 16

* With Justin Kingsley in attendance on January 22

Midnight Family by Luke Lorentzen

Mexico, USA / Original Spanish version with English subtitles / 81 minutes

From January 17

L.A. Tea Time by Sophie Bédard Marcotte

Quebec, Canada / 2019 / Original French and English version with French or English subtitles / 84 minutes

From January 18

* With Sophie Bédard Marcotte in attendance on January 18

NIN E TEPUEIAN – My cry by Santiago Bertolino, preceded by the short film My Prideby Kassandra Vollant

Quebec, Canada / 2019 / Original Innu, French and English version with French or English subtitles / 82 minutes

From January 24

* With Natasha Kanapé Fontaine and Santiago Bertolino in attendance on January 26

The Cordillera of Dreams
 (La cordillera de los sueños) by Patricio Guzmán

France, Chile / 2019 / Original Spanish version with English subtitles / 85 minutes

From January 31


Ivory Tower byAdam Traynor

Canada, France / 2010 / Original English version / 75 minutes

On January 15

* With Adam Traynor in attendance on January 15

Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania by Jonas Mekas
United Kingdom, Germany / 1973 / Original English and Lithuanian version with French and English subtitles / 88 minutes



Smithereens by Susan Seidelman

USA / 1982 / Original English version / 93 minutes / Restored version

On January 19 and 30


Le chat du rabbin by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux *6 years old and up

France, Austria / 2011 / Original French version / 100 minutes

On January 19


Greener Grass by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe

USA / 2019 / Original English version / 101 minutes / Restored version

On January 30


Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer by Andrey A. Tarkovsky
Antigone by Sophie Deraspe
Barbara Rubin and the Exploding New York Underground + Christmas on Earth by Chuck Smith

Blade Runner by Ridley Scott
Dilili à Paris by Michel Ocelot

FNC 2019 – Award Winning Short Films    

Kuessipan by Myriam Verreault

L’eau chaude, l’eau frette by André Forcier

Le voyage du prince by Jean-François Laguionie
Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach
Paris-Texas by Wim Wenders
Sur les pas de Vivian Mayer by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel
The Irishman by Martin Scorsese

The Lighthouse by Roger Eggers
The Twentieth Century by Matthew Rankin

Uncut Gems by Benny and Joshua Safdie
Varda by Agnès by Agnès Varda

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