Netflix’s The Circle – Episodes 9-12

The Circle is over. It is complete. The finale has aired. If you have not watched the new reality series what are you waiting for? Catch up!

Things happen in a fast and furious way, especially over the last four episodes. In the end we are down to five finalists with one of them walking away with the $100,000 prize.

Throughout the short but sweet series it maintained its likability factor. Kept you interested with the different competitions and the high quality editing. Engaging ways of showing how each contestant was reacting to the others’ posts and letting you see their thought processes.

Episodes 9 and 10 involved plenty of action with people leaving and some surprises happening. A catfish decides to admit what they are not exactly as they presented themselves. Is that a smart move? Will that earn the others’ trust or reveal them as someone who cannot be trusted?

Like most reality shows the last two episodes, including the finale, were much slower with plenty of time filling happening. Part of what saves the finale from all the dragging out that occurs is the charm and charisma of host Michelle Buteau. She does a great job with plenty of energy and shows her interviewing skills with each of the finalists.

What the makers of The Circle did really well in season one is casting. All different personalities, sexualities and a nice mixture of males and females. Though they are all different no one was annoying, crazy, racist or just a bad person like on other reality competition shows. No scandals or controversies happened. Just strategy and good clean fun. There was one contestant (Joey) who I initially did not like. Seemed like too much of a stereotype and someone who might not be exactly open minded. But I was proved wrong and as the season went on he really grew on me. Lesson learned not to judge a book or person by its cover or initial impression.

Another aspect I really liked about the show is the accountability factor. Every influencer or the people who decided who got blocked (or removed from the show) was revealed. As such, the other contestants knew who blocked who and usually why. This led to less trickery and lies.

The usual competition reality sho twists did happen. Which is alright as long as they make sense. Throughout the show the twists were logical. None done just for twists sake.

Plus the fact that the five finalists got to finally meet one another face to face over a dinner was quite cool. Truths were revealed and they got to see and speak to each other in person for the first time.

In the end, almost everything in season one happened as hoped. The five finalists made sense as did the final two and the eventual winner. Season one really makes me want more and looking forward to an eventual season two.

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