Like terminators, it seems like this film series will not die. While the terminators and directors change most everything else stays the same. Well, Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger get older. Here, not to be cruel, but they are looking quite old. Pretty much at the point where i am no longer willing to accept them in their roles which are quite physical. I am putting it out there that this should be their last kick at the can, though. Not to be cruel or anything, but they they even replace the James Bond actor every so often, right?

I am obviously not the only one who felt this way as this Terminator film did not do well at the box office…at all. Some ignorants had a problem with the idea the film forwarded that the fate of humans rested in the hands of a trio of females. That is so preposterous a criticism that I won’t even give it the time of day but I will agree that it is all about casting. It has to be the right three actors in the roles. It cannot be or rarely can be a 63-year-old human/woman cast as the muscles. The optics just doesn’t work. Mackenzie Davis is not awful but the tiny actress cast as the future leader is horribly miscast. She is just not up to the physical stuff. Not that a teenage female has to be a hulking thing; she does have to be convincing when she holds a gun though.

This time we are decades after Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) saved the world from Judgment Day. It is not over, though. A new terminator (played by Gabriel Luna) has been sent to kill the future leader of the resistance, Dani Ramos (played by Natalia Reyes).

To avoid this, in a twist (which we could all see coming from a mile away), Sarah teams up with terminator Carl (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) to put a halt to the latest terminator. She also has the help of an enhanced human/soldier named Grace (played by Mackenzie Davis).

This time it is action film director and the man behind the camera for the uber popular Deadpool, Tim Miller, who carries on the torch for the Terminator series. He does not show the instincts here that he did on Deadpool. The result is a mess of a film. The CGI is poor and, as a result, fake looking. A blatant lack of originality and imagination cuts the legs out from under the film before it really even begins.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • A Legend Reforged
  • World Builders
  • Dam Busters: The Final Showdown
  • VFX Breakdown: The Dragonfly