When the very first Epiderma clinic opened in Quebec
City 20 years ago, the beauty treatment industry was very different from what
it is today. At the time, aesthetic technologies were only just emerging. In
fact, laser hair removal was far from being a commonly established practice,
with procedures being inaccessible to the public and reserved for the elite who
frequented the clinics.

It was Pierre Montminy, a visionary entrepreneur, who
took over the banner in 2003, determined to develop a burgeoning market and
make beauty treatments accessible to everyone. Through a protocol that ensures
safe treatments that are consistent between clinics as well as the rigorous and
ongoing training of its staff and its cutting-edge technology, Epiderma is
recognized as a distinguished Quebec figure and a pioneer in the industry—one
that has quickly established itself as a leader in the field of laser hair

From a banner specialized in laser hair removal and
microdermabrasion, Epiderma has since blossomed into a respected network of 28
clinics providing a complete range of medical aesthetic services at affordable
prices to a wide-ranging clientele in 20 cities. Epiderma has built on its
achievements while repeatedly renewing itself over the years and continually
expanding its services in order to keep pace with societal changes. 

“I’ve always believed that great things can be
accomplished if you take it one step at a time,” stated Pierre Montminy,
President and CEO of Epiderma. “I am pleased with what my team and I have
accomplished and proud of what we have become: a strong and healthy company
that evolves along with the changing needs of its diversified clientele, firmly
rooted in our communities but undeniably focused on the future.”  

Epiderma is also committed to being a responsible
corporate citizen and has resolutely demonstrated community involvement. Since
its inception, Epiderma has contributed as much as possible to several causes
close to its heart, mainly related to the well-being of women. Whether by
granting yearly scholarships to students in esthetic programs, donating over
$100,000 a year (for five consecutive years) to non-profit organizations
dedicated to women in difficulty through the Epiderma Foundation or by
contributing to different charitable initiatives aimed at promoting well-being
and diversity, the company makes a point of investing itself and giving back to
the communities in which they operate, year after year. 

Today, Epiderma ranks among the most recognized brands
in Quebec. Acclaimed for several of its ad campaigns (finalist at the 2019 Crea
awards, two-time winner at the ADCC awards in 2018), the company received two Fidéides
awards from the Chambre de commerce des entrepreneurs de Québec for its
outstanding contribution in terms of “Distribution and services” and
“Application of optics and photonics.”


by the desire to offer its clients a personalized, professional and safe
service, Epiderma provides anti-wrinkle treatments by injection, skin peels and
microdermabrasion, treatment for varicose veins, rosacea, skin tags and
cellulite, facial care, body contouring, hand rejuvenation and  laser hair
removal as well as an exclusive line of specialized cosmetic products. With
over 250,000 clients, Epiderma has provided 2.5 million treatments to
date. Founded in Quebec in 2000, the company has quickly established itself as
a leader in the field of medical aesthetic care. Epiderma has over 180
employees in its 28 clinics across Quebec and Ontario. For more information,
visit our website at www.epiderma.ca.
The Epiderma network is owned by Medicart, a joint venture between Walter
Capital Partners and Pierre Montminy.