Tim Brady Presents Slow, Quiet Music in Search of Electric Happiness

In February 2019, during the
Festival MNM, Tim Brady and Instruments of Happiness caused an uproar with the
project “Symphony #9” for 150 spatialized electric guitars.  The
concert played to an audience of 3,200 people who were touched by its beauty,
power and imagination.  Recently, in January 2020, the quartet won the Prix
for best album of the year – electroacoustic music – for the recording
“The Happiness Handbook”.

Artistic Director Tim Brady never stops.  This February 15, 2020, he’s back with a new project called “Slow, quiet music in search of electric happiness”, inspired by the success of his work “Méditation mobile”, presented at the MBMA in Nov. 2018.  Collaborating with four Canadian composers over 18 months, they created a concert of calm and introspective music, featuring the work of Louise Campbell (Montréal), Rose Bolton (Toronto), Andrew Staniland (St. John’s) and Andrew Noseworthy (London).

The presentation also includes the participation of Roger Sinha, Marie-Ève Lafontaine and Citlali Germé-Trevino of Sinha Danse, who will react in real-time to the quartet’s music. The four new works will be performed by members of the Instruments of Happiness electric guitar quartet : Tim Brady, Jonathan Barriault, Simon Duchesne, Françis Brunet-Turcotte.

In September 1989 Bradyworks produced its first
major event: the music/contemporary dance collaboration “Inventions” featuring
the Bradyworks ensemble and the Julie West Dance company in performances in
Ottawa and Montréal.  Thirty years later, artistic director Tim Brady is
still pursing his mission of breaking down musical boundaries and redefining
the electric guitar.

To discover more about Instruments of
Happiness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtaGyS8N5A


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