Hard to believe that Brits Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren have never appeared in a film together before The Good Liar. Here they are side by side and go head to head in a fun cat and mouse con game film.

Silver haired fox Roy Courtnay (played by Ian McKellen) makes his living by running con games. This time out he has the recently widowed Betty McLeish (played by Helen Mirren) in his crosshairs. She is worth millions and so a very tempting target.

After arranging a meeting via an online dating site, Roy sets about seducing Betty. She falls for him fast and hard. Though he considers himself impenetrable, Roy is falling for his mark. Soon we realize that not everything is as it seems here and the simple plan for swindle turns into a who will catch who first game.

If Secrets & Lies was not already the name of a film then it would be a perfect one here. Double crossing, plots, betrayal and danger abound. Or so director Bill Condon would like us to believe. A little too clever for its own good, The Good Liar, despite its best intentions, is predictable. It seems like they almost know this is happening as there a couple of twists towards the end, but instead of being effective they seem quite random and yet, at the same time, you see them coming.

What it does have going for it is two great and talented leads. Whatever level of success the film achieves is largely because of them. Whereas the story will let you down at times, McKellen and Mirren never do.

Special Features:

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  • A Perfect Match: Inside The Good Liar 
  • Deleted Scenes