Leslie Jones: Time Machine

As someone who does not watch Saturday Night Live I am not familiar with Leslie Jones’ work there. I have only seen her in films like Ghostbusters (2016), The Angry Birds Movie 2, Sing, Trainwreck, and National Security. So, I was discovering Leslie Jones as a comedian with Time Machine. This is her first Netflix special.

Energywise she is high througout. Loads of yelling happens. Some might find her a touch shrill, but I was engaged. You can tell she herself is having a great time. That is a big part of the battle. Convincing the audience that you are doing your set for the first time, just having a conversation with them and really having fun doing so.

Plenty of physical comedy as she runs through the reoccurring theme of aging. We go through Leslie’s life until her present age of 52. What she would do in her 20s as opposed to now in her 50s. Highly relatable. How she wants to discourage 20 year olds from marching. No one listens to 20-somethings. That the only marching she did in her 20s was to the liquor store.

Once she moved into her 30s things changed a little. In your third decade you have to make a hard decision, continue on with your hoing ways or clean yourself up and be respectful. Once in your 40s the aging really happens. But most are in denial. You believe you can still do what you did in your 20s. Everything is breaking down, however. Finally, you are in your 50s and with it comes freedom. At this point you don’t give a f*#k.

There are other little offshoot bits. Like about texting. She muses about who invented texting. Says it definitely wasn’t a woman. Why? Because texts show how crazy women can get. Advises women to read back their past texts; it will prove it.

Filmed in DC, the crowd is quite varied. Jones even makes a comment in the beginning that she knows she makes it because of the white people in attendance. She is the elusive white people famous!

This is her springboard to her post SNL career and it is an unsteady beginning. Many will find her on stage demeanour offputting and generally too much.

The stand-up special is available on Netflix.

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