Ninja Cat Helps Teach Kids Acceptance Of Life On Both Sides Of Today’s Urban/Rural Divide

For children to understand and remember important life lessons, the delivery of the message needs to entertain them. Justin Donner does a great job of tackling tough topics like bullying, stress, emotions, finances, socioeconomic differences and more in his new children’s book, Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice. Kid-friendly dialogue, cute black and white illustrations that kids can color, and warm and wise characters in funny scenarios all come together to help make learning important life lessons so much more enjoyable for children.

The story tells of a mischievous cat named Lando who lives alone in the big city and hangs out with friendly humans as well as the City Crew―his diverse team of animal friends. The Crew gets into a heap of trouble after borrowing money from the notorious Loan Shark to buy a big TV, gaming console, video games and, of course, a mountain of snacks they immediately devoured―but now it’s time to pay him back. With no money, and the interest mounting, they have no clue how they’re going to do it…

Lando, hoping to help his friends out, seeks advice from a wise old feline named Old School and discovers the ninja values of the parents he never knew. Lando secretly teams up with Police Chief Toad and the Pond Patrol to form a Ninja Pond Squad to foil Loan Shark and his criminal enterprise. Using his parent’s peaceful yet purposeful ninja ways, Lando helps the Crew battle through their prevailing emotions of anger, fear, anxiety and sadness to make tough choices about right and wrong. Throughout Ninja Cat, Lando learns valuable lessons on life and that you shouldn’t judge another animal until you’ve walked a mile in his or her paws.

Author Justin Donner is a fully licensed financial agent (broker/dealer agent and investment advisor representative), criminologist, parent and author of the recovery memoir, I Just Woke Up Dead. He struggled with bipolar disorder and substance abuse before finding sobriety in 2012. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminology, Law and Society from the University of California, Irvine, and a BS in Political Science and Psychology from North Dakota State University. He previously worked as a criminologist/statistician for the Fargo Police Department before relocating to Minnetonka where he joined a Fortune 250 investment firm. Donner’s unique experiences (from both sides of the socioeconomic and geographic divide) allow depth in storytelling with an ease uncommon for authors of children’s books.

To learn more, please visit or follow Donner on twitter at NinjaCatBook or on Instagram at @ninjacatbook.

Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice

Publisher: Scoop n Juice Publications

Released: September 2019

ISBN-13 # 9781086277302
ASIN # 1086277309

Available from

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