When this film came out in 2011 we did not really know the two British leads. Claire Foy had just done a few turns in televisions series and we were just scratching the surface of Benedict Cumberbatch. Here they are the focal points as a young married couple who are going through some problems. Though it is far from an amazing film, it does give us a hint to the talent and star power on the horizon for both.

The best way to describe the film is to say this is a rather British style drama. Meaning it has a rather natural feel to it and moves along languidly. This is all about the dialogue and acting. A proper Brit production. No exploding cars, physical humour or crass language. Quiet, wordy and a natural build up is what you can go in expecting.

Young married couple Dawn (Claire Foy – from television’s The Crown) and David (Benedict Cumberbath – from television’s Sherlock) decide to return to his childhood village. They begin to set up in the rather rural surroundings while David continues to teach in town.

The peace and quiet is disturbed when David’s younger brother Nick (Shaun Evans – Being Julia, The Boys & Girl From County Clare) arrives and the strained relationship between the two siblings rears its ugly head. The tension between the brothers begins to also show the cracks in Dawn and Dave’s marriage. Trouble abounds.

While the acting and the cinematography, largely dark, are above par there is something about Wreckers, directed and written by Dictynna Hood (A Healing Touch, Us Among the Stones), which will only have it appeal to fans of art house films. The lack of lighting, long pauses between dialogue and the ambiguity of the ending. All that will irritate some who try to watch.

Nice preview to the film Louis Wain, which the two star in and is set to be released later this year.

The film is streaming on Snagfilms.

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