SoulVision.TV launching Feb. 14 delivering positive human stories to audiences worldwide

On Friday, Feb. 14, Soulidifly Productions launched a new digital TV streaming network, SoulVision.TV.   It will be accessible from all leading streaming platforms and on all mobile platforms, tablets and other devices including smart TVs and home computers.

SoulVision.TV will deliver with over 200 hours of fresh content including feature films and movies, TV shows, news, interviews, cartoons and more. SoulVision.TV upholds its mission to tell positive, uplifting stories of multiethnic and multigenerational people across various life experiences and eras.

The 200-plus hours of fresh content will include:

  1. Eat.Sip.Social – our first original cooking show with a “Chef’s Table” component and a “Food for the Rich” show – all hosted by Chef J. Ponder. 2. The Story of Ed – a film series about hope and an authentic docu-drama focusing on a pastor’s fight with ALS.
  2. Being 98 – authentic program about an elderly friend helping another to get back something she has lost.
  3. Biorhythms – biographical talk show.
  4. Small Biz Chat – Series featuring small business advice with the leading advocate and advisor to small businesses nationwide.
  5. The Walkers – cartoon about a family dealing with life and health care issues.
  6. Movies – Love Dot Com, River Runs Red, Atone, Troop 491 (will have over 300 titles)
  7. Several Documentaries and Recorded Interviews – includes hip-hop legends and survivors of death row telling their own stories.
  8. Partnership with Several Film Festivals to bring new content.
  9. Jammed – a short about a shooter turned faithful.
  10. Tim Reid archive including shows like Legacy of a People

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