From Feb 20 to 29th, Massimadi 12th afro LGBTQ+ film and art festival

will kick off its latest edition as part of Black History Month.

This year’s edition brings together a fun and thoughtful programming

to entertain and nourish mind, body and soul – unique queer films, a voguing masterclass, visual arts happenings 

and the best parties in town!

SKIES ARE NOT JUST BLUE (Documentary & Discussion Panel)


· Identifying as queer and Muslim at the same time is a reality for Yara, A. and the Monib & Tariq brothers.

·  The screening of this short will be followed by a discussion with Mubeenah Mughal on the place of black communities within the Arab Muslim community.

·  5 other short films that renew queer cinema are also on the program for this screening co-presented with the support of the Fondation Émergence & Pride en Hiver Concordia.

· February 22, 7:00 PM. | $12 | Cinema de Sève (1400 Maisonneuve Blvd West) in Montréal.



· Iconic French queer performer Lasseindra Ninja visits her native French Guiana to teach the very first master class of voguing.

· Audrey Jean-Baptiste’s documentary showcases Lasseindra’s upbringing and the reality of today’s LGBTQ youth in French Guiana.

· Feb 23 (7:30 PM) +  Feb 26 (7PM) | 12$ | Cinéma Moderne (5150 St Laurent Blvd) in Montréal. Followed by a panel discussion with the director and Lasseindra.


Bonus: Lasseindra Ninja will also be teaching a masterclass in voguing.

· Feb 22, 2PM | “Paris – Montréal Atelier vogue” | Disstorsion    (372 Sainte Catherine West, room 126) in Montréal


·         Remember Black Lives Matter’s action protest during Toronto’s Pride Parade in 2016?

·         Jamaican-Canadian filmaker Phillip Pike delves into the history of BLMTO and uncovers how Black queer folks in the Queen City organized in the past four decades around a fierce and vibrant community.

·         Feb 24, 2020 | 7PM | Pay what you can | Concordia, SGWU Alumni Auditorium (H-110) (1455 Maisonneuve Blvd W) in Montréal. In partnership with Cinema Politica.


4) ANOTHER DREAM (VR Documentary)

·Another Dream brings the gripping, true love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple to life. Faced with a post-revolution backlash against the LGBTQ community, they escape Cairo to seek asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands.

· Directed by Tamara Shogaolu and part of Tribeca 2019 official selection.

· Feb 25 to Feb 28 | Free | Check museum schedule for hours |

McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke St. West) in Montréal.


5) TRANSFINITE (Movie & Discussion Panel)

· Transfinite is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive.

· Feb 28, 7 PM | 12$ | McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke St. West) in Montréal.



· A panel on the festival theme “Afrofuturism as an artistic process” will take place after the screening.

6)  A HAZY COLLISION (Exhibition)

· Haitian born, self-taught photographer Gaëlle Elma presents her work at Never Apart’s Winter Exhibition highlighting several Afro-Diasporic artists on the occasion of Black History Month, 

· Through her photographs, Elma is able to challenge harmful ideas about topics such as sexuality, human bodies and blackness, framing them with an honesty and sensitivity that is often lacking in the media.

· A guided tour of the exhibition will take place on February 29 from 2PM to 4 PM.

· Until April 4th, free admission | Check online for gallery hours | Never Apart (7049 Saint-Urbain St.) in Montréal.

· Details:

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