Now Streaming: An investigative doc on the economy,
Pema Tseden’s JINPA, which is in certain theaters now,
a film from Bela Tarr mentee Hu Bo, and more!

This week, introduced THE CORPORATE COUP D’ETAT, an investigative documentary that exposes how corporations and billionaires have taken control of the American political process, and in doing so have brought economic hardship and ruin to vast swaths of the country. 

We’re also beyond excited to add Pema Tseden’s new film JINPA, which is in theaters now, to OVID! This Tibetan film is a meditation on the path of life and how we can sometimes meet someone whose dreams overtake our own to the point that they converge.

And then there’s MAN IN THE WELL, a film by Hu Bo (AN ELEPHANT STANDING STILL) made while studying under his mentor Bela Tarr. The film is touches on the subject of apocalypse. Two starving kids find a dead body in the ruins… and you’ll have to watch this short feature to learn the rest.

Check out these films, other new additions like CHASING PORTRAITS and NAPLES ’44, as well as our “Staff Picks“section where our teammate Sara recommends 12 DAYS a film shot by the legendary filmmaker-photographer Raymond Depardon. The documentary chronicles the patients of a psychiatric ward where justice and madness meet.