I Lost My Body

Now that the awards seasons is over and there is not a lot of quality typically in the theatres it is a good time to catch up on the films you missed over the past year. The good ones, I mean. Animated film I Lost My Body directed and co-written by Jeremy Clapin (first feature film) is one you should watch.

It was nominated in the Best Animated Film category at the Oscars and was a winner at last year’s Cannes. It is a different kind of tale about young love. Intimately told and drawn, it is well worth the 81 minute time investment.

I Lost My Body follows the voyage of a severed hand. Now, it is not as horrific as that makes it sound. A hand is severed in a lab somewhere in Paris. It manages to escape its fate and the lab. The hand begins a voyage in order to reunite with the rest of its body. This involves fleeing from pigeons and rats.

The hand is attempting to get back to pizza delivery boy, Naoufel (Dev Patel – Slumdog Millionaire, Chappie). Despite being severed, the hand still retains Naoufel’s memories, such as his love for Gabrielle (Alia Shawkat – from television’s Arrested Development).

It is somewhere in these memories and the love story where we will learn the reason why Naoufel’s hand was severed. Watch to see if the three (hand, Naoufel and Gabrielle) will be reunited.

Filled with beauty and emotion, you will find yourself holding back tears while at the same time smiling from ear to ear. This is how heartfelt the film/story is. Simple animation takes a backseat to the emotion. Director Clapin has infused poetry and melancholy into every scene. As it slowly moves along you will drawn more and more in. Relating to the losses shown here as we all go through it in life, you will enjoy the message of how we must move forward in life in order to experience the beauty. How no matter what is “missing” from our lives we must forge onward. Very touching.

Adventure, mystery and romance are intertwined here in this compact film. The film is based up on the book Happy Hand by Guillaume Laurent. The original version is in French.

The film is available on Netflix.

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