In a small town in Massachusetts, a group of BFFs get together and one thing leads to another that they find themselves attempting to do what it takes to summon Slender Man (played by Javier Botet). Hallie (played by Julia Goldani Telles), Chloe (played by Jaz Sinclair), Wren (played by Joey King), and Katie (played by Annalise Basso) have heard the rumours about Slender Man and want to see it with their own eyes. Fun with an urban legend. Actually, they don’t believe anything about it is true, so are in for a big surprise and not of the good kind.

Two weeks later Katie disappears. Seemingly into thin air while she and her classmates are on a trip to a local historic graveyard. While the police conduct a fruitless search, her best friends begin to believe that Slender Man is responsible.

While horror has seen something of rebound of late due to Jordan Peele and films like The Conjuring, It, Halloween, and Hereditary, it still is a rather hit or miss genre. I have to say that this one falls into the latter category.

The kind of film in which the less said the better. It is not scary, none of the actresses distinguish themselves and the ending it completely frustrating.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Summoning Slender Man: Meet the Cast

-Previews of Searching, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Patient Zero, Venom, The Equalizer II, Insidious: The Last Key