Highly motivated by the encouragement of the whole community, the team of the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) has decided to rebound in the face of the adversity caused by COVID-19 and the cancellation of its indoor event and launch the 38th edition of the festival online. A rich program will be available online across Canada, from Tuesday, March 17 at 7 p.m. to Sunday, March 29 at midnight, on the same dates as those originally planned. The opening film We Are Not Princesses will be online as of Tuesday, with the spontaneous approval of its directors Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam. The list of available films will be kept up to date on FIFA’s website (artfifa.com) as well as on the event’s Facebook page.

“We are living in an unprecedented crisis. We absolutely have to fight and react to this situation. We cannot just throw in the towel and a year of work researching and selecting such rich and inspiring films. We absolutely wanted to make the festival content available to the public, which is the reason why we have worked with heart and passion. Over the past 48 hours, we have contacted all of the rights holders of the films, and the majority of them have responded favorably to us as unwavering support, with the desire to bring this promising 38th edition to life. I would like to acknowledge the solidarity and dedication of the festival team, thanks to whom we will be able to bring the festival and its fabulous programming to life across Canada. “, said Philippe U. del Drago, FIFA’s Executive Director.Access to the films will be made via Vimeo on demand at a low cost of $ 30 for all the films available and for the entire duration of the online programming. All technical details and all of the programming offered as of Tuesday 17 March will be communicated on Monday 16 March via the FIFA web and social media platforms. 

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