Swedish singer-songwriter Marlene Oak follows up her recent track ”Black Roses” with new single “One Way” – co-written and co-produced by Jake Bugg. The new single will be a part of Marlene Oak’s debut album, to be released on the 10th of April.

“’One way’ for me is about taking the courage to open up new doors in your life, breaking old patterns and destructive ways of living” says Marlene Oak. “But in order for new opportunities to arise, you gotta have the courage to leave old patterns behind.”

Marlene Oak wrote the song together with Jake Bugg – a new friend and collaborator who she got in touch with in an unexpected way.

“Jake and I have mutual friends from Sweden, so I contacted him on my own and asked if he wanted to have a writing session. To be honest – at first, I was very nervous to have a session with him since he’s always been a big inspiration to me, but as soon we started writing it all came naturally. We met up at the studio Riksmixningsverket when he was in Stockholm, and then we sat there for a full day, writing together. That’s when we wrote ‘One Way’” says Marlene Oak, and continues:

“I love the way Jake’s writing, he’s so good at finding melodies and making all the parts fit together.  He has taught me a lot and I’m very happy that we wrote this song.”

With co-writing, co-production and guitar by Jake Bugg, drums by Guido Ros, bass by Samuel Colmar, and mixing by Linn Fijal, together they’ve managed to create an atmospheric and raw track that hits you right in the heart.

About Marlene Oak

“Growing up on an island outside Stockholm, singer-songwriter Marlene Oak turned to music as her escape, and then spent her teenage years busking on the streets of the Swedish capital’s Old Town.”

After releasing a couple of singles, and last year’s EP “Silver Moon”, she has gone all-in as a live artist, and built her following on the pub and festival stages around Sweden. Marlene Oak has enchanted audiences with her folk-rock melodies across the country as she focuses on performing live, including lucrative festival performances such as Way Out West, STHLM Americana and Irisfestivalen.

Marlene Oak’s debut EP ‘Silver Moon’ was released in 2019, with the debut album “Northern Winds” coming on the 10th of April.

Marlene Oak – One Way

Out Friday March 13, 2020 via Amuse. 

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