Like films, musicians have started to put out albums in series. Meaning there is a link between them. American blues singer Rory Block, a six time Blues Music Award winner, is part of that grouping. She will soon release Prove It On Me, the second in her Women of Blues series. Here she pays tribute to nine different important women in blues music. Experience Block’s take on songs by Arizona Dranes, Elvie Thomas, Merline Johnson, Madlyn Davis, Helen Humes, Rosetta Howard, Lottie Kimbrough, Gertrude “Ma” Rainey and Memphis Minnie. Now, honestly I had only heard of the last two, so was happy when I read that part of the purpose of this album was to shine light on some underappreciated women of blues. Phew! I wasn’t a complete ignorant! A dual purpose of entertainment and education comes with Prove It To Me. All grand dames of the genre, whether as singers or songwriters, and all given a different twist here. You also get one original song here written by Block herself, “Eagles”.

Track Listings

1. He May Be Your Man
2. It’s Red Hot
3. If You’re A Viper
4. Prove It On Me
5. I Shall Wear A Crown
6. Eagles
7. Wayward Girl Blues
8. In My Girlish Days
9. Milk Man Blues
10. Motherless Child