Watchworthy Curates Personalized Watchlists From Over 200 Streaming Services

 Ranker, known as the world’s leading publisher for fan-powered rankings on just about everything, announced today the unveiling of Watchworthy, a free app that offers personalized TV recommendations and allows users to build their own watchlist from TV networks and over 200 streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+, and many more. 

“There’s an inherent problem when only one-third of adults say they browse their streaming content menus, and 21% say they would simply give up altogether when they can’t find something to watch. And with so much TV out there, it’s only getting harder to pick new shows across all of the new streaming services popping up,” said Clark Benson, CEO and founder of Ranker. “Watchworthy is designed to relieve the paradox of choice by accurately recommending what is worthy of your time, where to find it, and how to watch it.” 

Watchworthy is uniquely powered by Ranker’s proprietary machine learning platform applying first-party correlation data amassed over a decade from one billion votes on Thus making Watchworthy the only statistically relevant, crowd-sourced recommendation app using psychographic correlation data available to consumers. For example, the data indicates that fans of Better Call Saul tend to love gritty, dark dramas like House of Cards, Ray Donovan, and True Detective, but also cerebral comedies like Nathan for You and High Maintenance.

In just 60 seconds of liking and disliking shows, Watchworthy discerns – with accurate probability – what shows the user is likely to love or not across all networks and streaming services. Watchworthy can then turn a phone or tablet into a smart, personalized remote where users can immediately start watching shows from their watchlist directly on the device or cast to a TV. No more toggling in and out of each app for those cord-cutters. 

Additional Watchworthy features:

  • Recommendations are made across every streaming service on both old and new shows that match personal taste
  • Shows are given a “worthy” score based on the percentage of likelihood that the show is worthy of the users time
  • Users can filter shows by service, genre, runtime and MPAA ratings
  • Ranker’s 50K TV lists are integrated into the app providing a deeper content experience than any other recommendation app
  • Watchworthy builds one, cross-platform watchlist. Users will have the ability to set the existing services they subscribe to, including services they don’t
  • Later in 2020, the app will be available on select connected devices (a la Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire) 

Watchworthy is now available on iOS devices. Check it out by downloading it from the App Store here.

More features like movie recommendations, shared watchlists, Android and OTT apps (Roku, Apple TV, etc) coming soon in 2020.