The critically acclaimed adventure game Wanderlust: Travel Stories, from the creators of The Witcher and Dying Light, is one of the titles available on Steam in the Polish Spring Festival Bundle. The collection comprises 9 artful games from Poland, all of whom have been nominated to Polityka’s Passports, one of the most prestigious Polish cultural awards.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories, an anthology of interactive tales set in the real world and written with experienced globetrotters, evokes the emotions of travel through rich literary descriptions and beautiful bespoke photography.

The game is the the winner of Best Game Narrative at Baltic Sea Awards 2019, the Best Mobile Game and Community Choice Award at Digital Dragons Indie Showcase 2019, and a IndieCade Paris nominee.

Each of four long stories and five short ones offers a unique playstyle and lets players experience travel through the eyes of distinct individuals. Among them, there is an idealistic student, a jaded reporter, and a man who’s simply a terrible planner. They journey to such inspiring places Rapa Nui, Bangkok, Antarctic, or the Serengeti.
Full list of games featured in the bundle:
Darkwood, a new perspective on survival horror.
Frostpunk, the first society survival game.
Get Even, an action game with a mystery plot and groundbreaking visuals.
My Memory of Us, a moving fairy tale about friendship and hope.
Observer, a cyberpunk horror game starring Rutger Hauer.
SUPERHOT, a first-person shooter where time only moves when you move.
This War of Mine, a war game seen from the perspective of the civilians.
Wanderlust: Travel Stories, a collection of travel memoirs in the form of an adventure game.
We. The Revolution, a game that lets you play as a judge during the French Revolution.

You can get the Polish Spring Festival Bundle here: