Exceptional FIFA’s offer!

For the last three days of the Festival, FIFA makes the exceptional programming of its 38th edition available online for the modest price of $15, from now until midnight Sunday, March 29th, across Canada. This decision is motivated by the desire to offer the largest possible number of film lovers and art lovers the opportunity to enjoy the offerings of more than 140 films.
See the complete list of all films available.


✒??Have you been moved by some of the films? Why not let the directors know! ✒??

Feeling deeply touched by a story?

FIFA gives you the opportunity to share your comments with the directors of your favourite films. Put your thoughts in writing and our team will be pleased to relay your messages to them.

Send your comments to festival@artfifa.com with the name of the film in the email subject field.

The Festival ends this Sunday, March 29 at midnight.

Enjoy the last days of FIFA’s 38th edition

See the list of films available

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