Wiretap Records has announced a month-long live stream series … The Wiretap Records Family Vacation Live Stream Series, that will span over the month April 10th. – May 1st. The series will feature live stream performances every Friday from members of many of their roster including The Beautiful Mistake, Tiny Stills, Berwanger, Audio Karate, Decent Criminal, Odd Robot, Aree and the Pure Heart, Answering Machine, Bristol To Memory, Get Married, Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves, Lost in Society, Burnt Tapes, Movin in Stereo, 18th & Addison, American Television, The Lucky Eejits and more.

The series comes on the heels of the label’s first Wiretap Family Vacation Tour with Tiny Stills and Bristol To Memory being postponed like many others due to COVID-19. The live stream will be hosted on the Wiretap Records Community Group page on Facebook. Join the Public group below to get updates on schedule and updates.

Join Wiretap Records Community Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1608988896091529/

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