While everyone recognizes the crucial role of the media in the circulation of news in the current situation, the France 24 streaming news channel offers analytical content that complements local news. The channel offers global coverage of COVID-19 pandemic issues..

As part of its mandate to deliver reliable information worldwide in response to the global health crisis, France 24 continues to adapt its offerings. Followed by 87.1 million viewers worldwide each week, the international news channel offers information, with a series of targeted reports, meeting the needs of the public at this time of the pandemic.

Le tour du monde des blouses blanches“: France 24 features a series of short videos in which doctors from around the world speak to their daily lives and how they are trying to cope with the pandemic.

On a daily basis, the columnists and correspondents of France 24 submit reports which address the health, economic, societal, political and geopolitical aspects of the pandemic.

Many reports made around the world are broadcast: « Coronavirus: en Tunisie, la solidarité s’organise pour faire face au confinement », « Coronavirus : à Rome, la grande distribution continue à travailler malgré la peur », « En Côte d’Ivoire, les autorités s’organisent face au coronavirus », « Coronavirus: en France, les sans-abris privés de nourriture et de soins »

France 24 gives a platform to French people who are living around the world and who are having difficulty returning to France. From Peru to Indonesia, Paraguay, Haiti, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, India or Thailand, France 24 looks at their situation along with their expectations, concerns and hopes.

“Confinement week 3”: Every week, France 24 illustrates in life in France at a time of isolation/confinement through reports coming from Paris and in the different regions by special envoys. This week, France 24 offers four reports:

  • In the heart of an African home in Montreuil, by Karim Yahiaoui
  • The daily life of migrants living on the streets, directed by Éléonore Vanel and Armelle Caux
  • The dau to day of a fresh produce delivery man, directed by Alexandra Renard
  • Cases of child abuse on the rise, directed by Marie Schuster and Allison Sargent

The France 24 channel is currently available on Videotron and CCAP until the end of April. The channel is also available on Bell Fibe, Derytelecom, Cooptel, Cable Amos and Ebox.

Trailer for the channel.