Download Amped Guitar, Available Worldwide (Here)

The power of music unites us all.

In an effort to share the power of music around the world, Gibson has formed a partnership with Gibson and Amped Guitar Learning–the #1 guitar learning experience tool–to offer new users three months of Premium Access Membership for free. Now is a great time to learn guitar or continue to sharpen your playing skills with Amped Guitar which is created by guitar teachers and built on Audio Augmented Reality. A limited quantity of subscriptions are available now on the Apple APP store worldwide; register your profile and begin playing today; Here. 

“In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we all could use a little inspiration for each other and for ourselves,” says James ‘JC’ Curleigh’CEO of Gibson. “With Gibson Gives, Sweetwater, and Amped, we are literally providing that inspiration and opportunity for anyone who loves music and has always wanted to learn to play guitar.”

Amped Guitar is a unique and engaging two-way, online learning experience that listens to your playing and instinctively adapts the lesson vs. a one-way instructional video. It interacts with the player and creates an additional guitar layer in real-time that turns boring old guitar lessons into an empowering and immersive experience. Amped Guitar takes players from Beginners to Pros covering everything from basic skills to advanced techniques using Audio Augmented Reality; players can learn at their own pace, follow a curriculum or jam to their favorite songs. The Amped Guitar app is available on iOS globally, and will be launched on Android in Q2 2020Amped Guitar is developed by Zoundio, a music tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Sweetwater was founded more than 40 years ago with one goal in mind: to help our friends make music. It remains our number one priority. This partnership will allow even more people to harness the power that music has to unite, heal, and inspire. That’s especially important during these trying times,” said Sweetwater Founder and CEO Chuck Surack. With a three-month Premium Membership to Amped Guitar, players will receive:

  • Full learning curriculum with multiple genres, hundreds of guided lessons teaching you chords, soloing and songs
  • Immersive playing experience keeping you motivated to play and develop real skills
  • Step-by-step guidance based on AR
  • Play songs from some of the greatest guitarists in history including Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Santana, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Dolly Parton, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Thin Lizzy, Brian Adams and many more
  • Guided learning path from basic skills to advanced guitar techniques
  • Real-time feedback
  • Amped animations and videos to teach you new skills and guide you in your learning
  • Track your progress
  • All lessons developed by expert guitar teachers
  • Flexibility – play anywhere and anytime you want
  • No cables or amps are needed
  • Plug in iRig to perform for friends

Playing and learning guitar has been proven to positively benefit the mind and the body with effects that endure even after the playing has ended. A neuroscientific study from McGill University in Montreal discovered that playing guitar and listening to the music you are creating alters brain chemistry triggering the release of dopamine–the feel-good chemical. Reducing stress and anxietymastering a new skillincreased focus and confidence, and even raising your base IQ level (University of Zurich study) are just a handful of the many benefits that can result from learning to play music. 

“For us, this is like one giant love letter to anyone wanting to learn and we’re proud to team up with Gibson and Sweetwater to help people learn guitar. Amped Guitar allows anyone to pick up a guitar and get an energized experience in their first lesson. We teach beginners without making them feel like beginners, which is a very powerful thing” says Daniel KatzenellenbogenAmped Guitar CEO.

As previously announced, GibsonHomemade (#HomeMadeMusic) launched to immediately support our musicians and their current projects. The worldwide program unites legendary and new artists, music brands and industry partners together to entertain music lovers everywhere and spread hope through tough times. Artist performances, intimate interviews and conversations from all over the world can be watched and shared from anywhere via all Gibson and Epiphone digital platforms on TwitterInstagramFacebook and the “Gibson Homemade Sessions” feature exclusive, full-length performances of original content on Gibson TVTune in to see appearances, performances and messages of support and love from Gibson, Epiphone and Kramer artists.

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