Politicians, kind of like sports coaches, have a shelf life. So it makes sense that a television series based on the life of a politician, even if she is not one by choice, has an ending. The sixth season of CBS’s Madam Secretary was its last. Not too bad. Longer than the careers of many politicians.

As a former CIA analyst who presently works as a university professor, the last thing that wife and mother of three Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) saw in her future was politics. Especially at the level of the White House. But when Conrad Dalton, the newely elected President of the United States and a former colleague in the CIA, asks her to become his Secretary of State…well, she is intrigued.

Over the course of his presidency and then subsequent reelection, Elizabeth becomes an important part of his team. She becomes someone he relies on and the world needs. She is able to broker deals and peace where others fail.

At the end of season five, Elizabeth decides to run for president herself. Would there finally be a woman in the White House?

There is nothing really “cool” about Madam Secretary, but it worked. Mostly because of the storylines ripped out of today’s headlines and thte fact that Leoni is totally believable in the role. Plus she wears a suit and blouse really well.

Season six is an abbreviated one with only 10 episodes. They are forced to tie up loose ends quickly. It also has to deal with a change of pace. A less defiant Elizabeth takes some getting used to. Somehow despite all the changes the series unwent throughout its six seasons it still turned out to be an enjoyable watch.