Join The Adventure As Playful Puffins Encounter Fire And Ice

Summertime in Iceland means nearly 24 hours of glistening sunlight each day—perfect for lighting the way for adventurous little puffins. But when two puffin friends, Árni and Birta, embark upon a journey of exploration, an Icelandic Faery plays clever tricks on them, making their grand adventure take longer than expected. The extended darkness of September’s nightfall looms large on the horizon, and the pufflings must find their way home in a hurry.

Puffins Encounter Fire & Ice is the third installment in RA Anderson’s delightful Iceland: The Puffin Explorers Series, and this time around, Iceland’s natural wonders take center stage. Árni and Birta discover glaciers, volcanoes, natural energy, lava fields, waterfalls and some of the legendary folk of Iceland. But as nightfall draws closer, Árni’s parents must step up their frantic search for these two curious puffins to help guide them back to their burrows before dark. Will they succeed? Join the adventure to find out!

Although intended for children who have a love for all animals, birds and nature, adults will find that these books hold a unique type of travelogue, complete with fun facts and breathtaking photography shot by the author as she explored the beautiful country of Iceland.

Puffins Encounter Fire & Ice follows in the webbed footsteps of Puffins Take Flight and Puffins off the Beaten Path, the first two books in Anderson’s entertaining and educational Puffin Explorers Series.

Author RA Anderson is a wanderer who has lived all over, from California to Belize, and currently, home is a town called Rome, in Georgia that is!

A lifelong passion for creative writing and photography became her life. Her award-winning photographs have been featured in table books, magazines and front-page news, and her writing has been published in magazines, poetry books and children’s books. Her If Pets Could Talk series includes Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals and A Service Dog. Iceland: The Puffin Explorers Series is her newest children’s series. She also recently released a YA book, Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star.

Three boys—her heart and soul—call her Mom. She and her husband are recent empty-nesters, leaving them more time to travel.

Puffins Encounter Fire & Ice
Publisher: My Favorite Books Publishing Company, LLC
Release Date: January 8, 2020
ISBN-10: 1950590097
ISBN-13: 978-1950590094
Available from and

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