Catherine MacLellan’s This Storm

Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean, both award winning singer/songwriters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, have come together for their first musical collaboration “This Storm”. Their fathers, Gene MacLellan and Marty Reno, wrote and toured together for decades. It is only natural that Catherine and Tara have now joined forces. 

‘This Storm’, though born from self-isolation during the COVID-19 crisis, is truly a medicine song for the ages. It is about being there for one another even when we can’t be in the same physical space. It speaks to the struggle, the reservoir of strength and the light that we find during uncertain times. THIS STORM is a hopeful anthem to get through difficult moments.  

“For me, this song is about connecting. It’s a reminder to have patience and to know that in time all wounds are healed. There are moments, especially now, when we can’t be with those we love, but we can always reach out. We will find ways to be with one another, in person, virtually or spiritually”     – Catherine MacLellan

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