After his wife’s death, Ip Man (played by Donnie Yen) has flown to San Francisco in order to attempt to establish some semblance of peace between the city’s kung fu masters and the up and coming star, Bruce Lee (played by Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan). Bruce has put many people’s noses out of joint by opening up his own Wing Chun school. Ip Man is going to try to talk some sense into him.

In the vein of killing two birds with one stone he is trying to set up a better life for his son.

Kung fu films were huge for a time. Then they kind of disappeared. For the past couple of years I have noticed a little resurgence. This is film series has been a big reason for the renewed interest in kung fu. Ip Man films have been huge for the genre. Four is as many as we are told we are going to get so enjoy it while it lasts.

Director Wilson Yip had some pressure on his artistic shoulders with this one. The film series is so beloved that there were expectations. Plenty of expectations. Most, because of the calibre of the film series, never wanted this particular ride to end. Yet it was announced this would be the final series. So, how do you wrap it up and not piss off or disappoint the fans. The very people who made this fourth film possible. Yip has taken all that on and turned it into something which will satisfy most. This should not be suprising as he has been there from the beginning having directed all of the films.

The film is like a love letter to the main character and to kung fu in general. Filled with emotions (yup) and an emphasis on all the life lessons and tools which kung fu gives to those who practice it. Plus there are all those great fight scenes between Yen and Scott Adkins. Those alone are worth the price of admission.

Special Features:

-“Making-of” featurette