“In this unprecedented period of confusion and loneliness, we wanted to contribute to the world’s efforts to make sense of it all, in the only way we know how. We are taking it back to how we started this band and embarking on a new project called ‘Home Tapes,’ where we will seek to write, produce and mix songs at home to share with the world on a regular basis. In the absence of certainty, at least we will have music, and we hope that these songs provide some comfort, companionship and relief to those that need it.”
– Josephine and Anthony

Home Tapes sees the idiosyncratic London-based duo write, record, produce and release an intimate series of new music direct from isolation. The first song from Home Tapes—”Lonely Star”—also receives a visual treatment made by Oh Wonder in collaboration with thousands of fan-entries worldwide. 

From its faintly heartbreaking “I’m at my birthday party by myself” opening lyric, “Keep On Dancing” is a candid, quietly powerful cut of confessional pop from Oh Wonder. The track was written in direct response to Josephine cancelling her long-prepared-for birthday party as the world began to shut down, and it is a timely reminder of Oh Wonder’s innate ability to turn the minutiae of everyday life—however bleak—into music which sounds uplifting and celebratory and gives a reason to keep on dancing.

Oh Wonder is no stranger to life under lockdown. Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht first started the band much in the manner of Home Tapes—writing, producing and recording everything DIY, with aim of releasing a song a month morphing into their debut album, a romantic relationship and a career that continues to astound the couple. Not to mention, of course, two top 10 records (including February’s No One Else Can Wear Your Crown), a million sales and over a billion streams. While the band was poised for a mammoth “Wear Your Crown” World Tour all through 2020, Oh Wonder’s ever self-sufficient streak has found a truly creative outlet in Home Tapes. Here is a band reaching back to their roots while still, in their own unabashed way, setting the agenda where others follow.