For more than a month, we have been inviting you to travel back in time and space with our #MUTEKStayHomeSeries. Every day, we publish an archive of the many MUTEK editions around the world to make you (re) discover a musical performance, a discussion on societal issues or even a surprising technological innovation.

Find the first selection below and join us on Facebook to follow the next broadcasts while waiting for the details of our next edition. The whole team remains mobilized to offer you an event that respects social distancing measures and this still requires a few days of reflection. Thank you for your patience and loyalty, we remain at your disposal on all of our online platforms and hope to find you soon with stimulating news.

Live Recordings:
MUTEKLIVE099 : Project Pablo – MUTEK 2015
MUTEKLIVE148 : Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – MUTEK.AR 2017
MUTEKLIVE197 : Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho – MUTEK.MX 2018
MUTEKLIVE207 : Johanna Knutsson – MUTEK 2019
MUTEKLIVE229 : Another Paradise – MUTEK.AR 2018
Another Paradise (Francesco Tristano & Guti) – MUTEK Buenos Aires Édition 2
Audiovisual Performances:
AtomTM & Tobias – Boiler Room x MUTEK.MX 2015
Nihar + Subset – MUTEK.SF 2019
Stefan Goldmann – MUTEK.AR 2019
Takami Nakamoto & Sebastien Benoits – Boiler Room x MUTEK.MX 2015
Uji – MUTEK.AR 2019
Mostly in English
Discussions Surrounding Inclusion and Diversity
20 years of female:pressure – Keychange :: Amplify Symposium x MUTEK_IMG 4
Amplify Digital Arts Initiative – MUTEK.ES 2020
Booking and Managing our Way to Better Representation – MUTEK.ES 2020
Resident Advisor pres. The Recent Rise of Queer Culture in Barcelona – MUTEK.ES 2020

Exploration of Unique Artistic Universes
> Herman Kolgen – MUTEK.JP 2016
Robin Fox – MUTEK.JP 2016
Simon Wilkinson (CiRCA69) – MUTEK.AR 2017
Tomoko Sauvage – x MUTEK.ES 2020

Reflections on Contemporary Challenges
Algorithmic Colonialism / Rumman Chowdhury – MUTEK_IMG 5
City Everywhere / Liam Young – MUTEK_IMG 4

Technical and Creative Support
Introduction to TouchDesigner – MUTEK.JP 2018