Sad that this did not get renewed. So this is the last season. The producers/writers/actors/directors must be disappointed as they did not really get the opportunity to wrap everything up as they would have wished. As such the finale of season 7 is going to have to stand up as the ending.

With a series like this one you can really see the influence of a show like The Sopranos. Ray Donovan has really modelled itself after that HBO classic crime series. They are crime series intermingled with plenty of family drama. For those out there who are newcomers to the series (where have you been?), Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber) is a professional fixer working out of Los Angeles. Which means he, for a price, fixes the problems of the rich and famous. For the most part, he has got his professional side under control. It is his family that seems to cause him the most problems.

The Donovans hail from Boston. Father Mickey (played by Jon Voigt) is plenty of trouble and his three sons – Ray, Terry (played by Eddie Marsan) and Bunchy (played by Dash Mihok) – or actually four including Daryll (played by Pooch Hall), have all relocated to Los Angeles for various reasons.

Season seven involves all the twists, turns and violence you have come to expect from the series. It all centers around a disembodied head washing up which cause Ray a whole bunch of issues. Terry is continuing to have to deal with his disease. Bunchy, unexpectedly, plays the role of hero. Mickey…well…his nine lives might be finally up this season.

Keep eyes open for cameos by Alan Alda, Lois Smith, Peter Gerety, Zach Grenier, and Mike Starr. Episodes are directed by Kyra Sedgwick, Dash Mihok and Joshua Marston.

Enjoy the last 10 episodes.