Brandon Mills gives his audience a chance to “listen to his heart” with his new single “Glistening”. Brandon Mills is an American singer-songwriter and cast member of The Bachelor Presents – Listen To Your Heart. His latest single “Glistening” is set for Pre-Save Friday May 1st, 2020. “Glistening” will release on May 29th on all digital platforms.  

After four years of service in the Marines, Brandon left the military with a strong desire to rebuild, restore, and repair.  Not only himself, but his fellow human. “Glistening” came to life as he embarked on a journey of self discovery and reflection.  Spending time traveling and working for non profits around the globe, he had no idea what kind of impact it would have on his mind, body, and soul. “What began as a desire to give back, became a self reflective journey between my head and my heart. This song spilled out of me one night, the muses in full effect, as I sat on the floor and day dreamed of what a romance could be with the right partner.”-Brandon Mills

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“Glistening” written by Brandon Mills, was recorded at the Sonic Arts Center in Manhattan, New York at the City College of New York. Recorded by Radmila Miller and Brandon Mills. Vocals and Guitar by Brandon Mills. Drums by Andrew Ramsingh, Lead Guitar by Eric Tapper. It was mixed and engineered by Radmila Miller and Mastered by Tom Sutton. 


Biography: Brandon Mills is a true troubadour whose life story is told with his prolific songwriting. Brandon enlisted in the Marine Corps. at 19 and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. During his downtime, he would play music to boost the morale of his fellow soldiers. Following his deployment while traveling the world volunteering his time and efforts to non-profit organizations, Brandon realized his life was at a crossroads. “Music felt right, and making it was a therapeutic experience, but a career in it had never seemed possible.”  Brandon reflects. “There was still a longing that I needed to fulfill. ‘I’d rather go do something I love and fail at it than continue down this path.’” 

From that moment on, the dream-chasing musician made his promise to “reach for the stars” amidst personal sacrifices and forfeiture in pursuit of a better life. Brandon quit his job, sold everything he owned and left for the Empire State. “It’s probably the most intense move you could possibly make living in the same country,” Brandon says. “That was a kick in the ass, in beautiful and difficult ways. I call New York the ‘boot camp for humanity.’”  

In NYC, he logged in intensive hours of gigging while pursuing a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production, until eventually it was time for yet another move: “I had gotten a little burnt out living in New York. I felt like my time was up, like I’d learned what I needed to learn.” From there it was on to Music City, where the nomad finally feels “at home.”   Leaning towards a stripped-down acoustic style, Brandon is not afraid to keep it simple. The heart of his music lies in the minimalist philosophy of forming direct connections to his listeners. 

“I want to be moved by an artist through their voice and through another instrument, “Rather than being masked by production. I prefer the raw exposure and I want my listeners to feel moved by the simplicity of lyrics and melody” That rawness dovetails with the storytelling aspect of his lyrics, which are driven by emotional candor and themes of grace, unconditional love, forgiveness and justice. 

In late 2018, Brandon released his self-titled EP, which later garnered attention from Hollywood. The singer-songwriter was invited to appear in the debut season of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart,” which is currently airing on ABC. Brandon is releasing the first single on his new project “Glistening,” which will be available via digital streaming and download services on May 29th, 2020. The pre-sale begins Friday, May 1, 2020.