Jon Hyatt’s new doc SCREENED OUT – Explores How We Can Regain Control of Our Screen Time


Written, Directed and Produced by JON HYATT

Featuring JON HYATT, JIM STEYER (CEO, Common Sense Media), ADAM ALTER (Associate Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business), DR. NICHOLAS KARDARAS Ph.D., LCSW-RDR. DIMITRI CHRISTAKIS, MD, MPH (Director, Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development, Seattle Children’s Research Institute for Child Health) and DR. HILARIE CASH, Ph.D (Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of the reSTART Center for Digital Technology Sustainability)

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All over the world, as the technology grows and advances, so does our addiction to our devices. Join filmmaker Jon Hyatt and his family on a journey through the life changing effects of screen addiction, how the tech industry hooked global consumers, and its greater impact on our lives. From smartphones, portable tablets and social media, the tech industry has designed these fun immersive technologies, but are they good for us? Are we too dependent on our devices? What keeps us hooked and how is it impacting our children and the world as a whole?


Jon Hyatt is an award-winning director, writer and producer, specializing in film and branded content. Born in the UK then moving to Toronto Canada, Jon spent his early career studying theatre and working as an actor in film and television. In 2005, in the nascent digital content era, Hyatt pivoted to directing short form videos and created one of the first viral internet commercials. Jon’s unique and sharp understanding of creating engaging stories for a digital audience led to forming his own production company, producing branded content for major clients domestically as well as internationally. His notable independent short film work, including Woods & Return have earned numerous awards at esteemed international film festivals around the globe. In January 2018, Jon Hyatt and his brothers Michael and Richard launched Hyatt Bros Films, a Toronto-based production company focused on producing topical and engaging narrative films and documentary features. Jon’s documentary feature debut, Screened Out, presents an unflinching documentary focused on screen addiction.

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