Supported by UNESCO, The MuseumWeek allows Culture to go against audiences on a global scale. Cultural institutions from all over the world, but also a very large audience are invited to participate in this event around the formula “7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags”.
Discover on the MuseumWeek Twitter museums and cultural institutions from around the world that celebrate culture with a big C!



  • The National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec (MNBAQ) offers an album of some works from their collections in connection with six of the seven themes of the week: heroes, quarantine culture, being together, climate, technology and dreams. The Museum’s highlights, the seventh theme, will be shared in photo on their Twitter account. Find out more. 
  • The Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts offers a creative activity on the theme of painting: take a work of art from the museum made available for free on their website and have fun reproducing it in your own way through downloadable images representing the works. Find out more.
  • The Centre Georges-Pompidou invites you to visit virtually various exhibitions: don’t miss the visit of exhibition on Dora Maar and the one devoted to “Vasarely, the sharing of forms”.Find out more. 

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