Emma – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Like Shakespeare, Jane Austen’s work can be done time and time again. They involve such universal themes that they can be reinterpreted time and time again meaning something different each time they are done. Austen’s stories have been enjoyed for hundreds of years and directors continue to be interested in bringing them to the big screen.

Once again we meet the ultimate match maker, Emma (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) is, in plain English, a bit of a spoiled brat. She is from a well off family, pretty and smart, so basically she has everything going for her. Within her small town she is the queen bee. Meaning Emma rules the hive. This power goes to her head and sometimes the things she says or does hurts people who don’t deserve it.

As such, she is a bit of a busybody. Sticking her nose into other’s business. Thinking she knows best, so attempting to pair people off for the goal of marriage. For such a smart girl, she does not seem to see what is under her own nose. Who her perfect partner is.

Basically a coming of age story set in the 1800s. Shows that finding out who you truly are allows you to be open to finding love. Even for someone with as much as Emma growing up is not easy. Sometimes it is downright painful.

While it is a story which is rather perfect, it still requires some input. Despite the fact that there is humour and intelligence galour, you still need to add some water and sun to make the seed grow. Here is where we talk about Autumn de Wilde. de Wilde, having been primarily a music video director for acts such as Florence+ the Machine, The Raconteurs and Beck, allows things to languish too much. Meaning it is too slow in pace. Plus there are several scenes that serve no purpose. Beg to be trimmed and yet they weren’t. Brought on a little frustration on my part, just wanting to get to the good stuff, which I knew was there.

A plus is the way the film looks. It is gorgeous. Cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt makes sure the gorgeous scenery, sets and costumes are given their full due.

Special Features

-Digital copy of Emma.

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel

-A Playful Tease

-The Autumn Gaze

-Crafting a Colorful World

-Feature Commentary with Director Autumn de Wilde, Screenwriter Eleanor Catton, and Director of Photography Christopher Blauvelt

-A Playful Tease

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