Not bad…not great…there that is my review. If you want more detail read on.

It is sometimes confounding to me what film critics expect from certain films. Like, Sonic the Hedgehog, a partially CGI and partially live action film based on the video game. Are they expecting and entry into the Oscars? Why? I mean unrealistic expectations much?

For all you reasonable, non-snooty types out there, this film is a medium. Meaning it is not memorable, has flaws, but will be a decent watch. What more could you expect from this type of film?

Simple story kinda based on the video game in which a cute looking blue thing from somewhere else in the universe decides to come to Earth. Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz), who is a hedgehog, is also known as the Blue Blur because he is just that fast. While adjusting to life on his new planet, Sonic accidentally knocks out the power grid. This catches the attention of the uber evil genius Dr. Robotnik (played by Jim Carrey). One thing leads to another in his warped mind and he is now bent on world domination.

It is going to be up to our speedy hero Sonic and his new friend Sheriff Tom Wachowski (played by James Marsden) to put a halt to what Dr. Robotnik has planned. A.k.a save the planet.

The usual (under these circumstances) over the top acting from Carrey and some fun voice work by Schwartz make up the backbone of the film. Suitable for the entire family though some of the older ones (meaning you sticks in the mud) might find it a little silly. The storyline is rather simple with the occasional plot hole, but not so big that they swallow up everything else. Definitely not the worst film based on a video game, that is for sure.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Audio Commentary by director Jeff Fowler and the voice of Sonic, Ben Schwartz
  • Around the World in 80 Seconds—See Sonic’s next adventure!
  • Deleted Scenes—Director Jeff Fowler introduces deleted scenes
  • Bloopers—Laugh along with Jim Carrey and the cast
  • “Speed Me Up” Music Video
  • For the Love of Sonic—Jim Carrey and the cast discuss what Sonic the Hedgehog means to them
  • Building Robotnik with Jim Carrey—See Jim Carrey bring supervillain Dr. Robotnik to life
  • The Blue Blur: Origins of Sonic—Explore the origins of the legendary Blue Blur
  • Sonic On Set—Visit the set with the voice of Sonic, Ben Schwartz