GRAMMY® Award nominated artist Tove Lo releases a special expanded version of her critically acclaimed fourth studio album, ‘Sunshine Kitty.’ The 22-track, Paw Prints Edition, includes all fourteen original album tracks, plus her two FINNEAS-produced songs, “Bikini Porn” and “Passion and Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak.”  Also featured; her English language cover of Swedish artist Veronica Maggio’s hit single “I’m Coming” (part of Spotify’s new Nordic Studio It’s Hits program), remixes, live recordings and one brand new track, “sadder badder cooler.” “It’s been a year since the Sunshine Kitty era started, and though everything has hit on ‘pause’ right now, it feels really amazing to tie it all together with all the songs I’m so proud of from the last year,” Tove explains on her latest release. “Until I can go back out and tour this album again I hope all my fans will keep having many dance parties at home.”

Speaking about the new song, Tove Lo reveals: “Elvira Anderfjärd and I wrote sadder badder cooler after going deep about how every heart break kind of chips away a little piece of you, but it also gives you power if you let it. And how breaking it off with someone who’s bad to you is always a mixed feeling of sadness, anger and big relief. This song to me is full of glitter and power and I hope it hits heavy with my fans.”

On the new, action-packed animated “sadder badder cooler” video, Tove adds, “I can’t wait for you to see this video! I’ve wanted to make a bizarre, over the line, badass animated video with Sunshine Kitty for some time and it just fit so perfectly with this song. I’m so impressed by Venturia Animation Studios and dreambear productions,  they really took my vision to the next level!”

Listen to “sadder badder cooler” HERE 

Sunshine Kitty is a collection of empowered and enigmatic pop gems and features a top-rated cast of collaborators and guests including Kylie MinogueJax Jones, ALMAMC Zaac and Doja Cat.  Be sure to watch the Lyric Video for fan favorite ‘Sunshine Kitty’ cut, “Mateo” HERE, which is the latest video to receive a visual, following a live video of “Anywhere u go” (Watch HERE), a lyric video for the Doja Cat-assisted, “Equally Lost” (Watch HERE) and “Are U gonna tell her?” featuring MC Zaac (Watch HERE). The album’s lead single, “Glad He’s Gone” received a GRAMMY® Award nomination for Best Music Video. Watch the Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia directed video, HERE. The critically acclaimed full-length joins Tove’s already growing catalog of Golden Globe Award nominated and GRAMMY Award® nominated multiplatinum hits.