A young boy questioning his faith after the death of his mother. A 9-year-old does not understand why God would take his mother away from him. In defiance of his religion Elias goes to extreme lengths to try to bring her back. The consequences of his actions are big.

Plenty of punch in this simple story. Director Wassim Geagea only has 17 minutes or so to work with, so he has to make sure he gets the emotions of the story across quickly without allowing things to feel rushed.

In only his second film Lebanese director Geagea gets very personal about a difficult subject in death. Though it has that very personal or intimate feel to it, Geagea has also made a film which is accessible and universal in feel. Shows that even in religion, amongst those with faith, there is room for questioning. It pushes us to think about fairness in life. Is there a place for justice within religion? Puts forward a discussion which all viewers, believers and non-believers, can engage in. No answers are given; the questions are left for us to muse upon.