TidalWave Productions has also struck a deal to pen a fictional series starring Stormy Daniels. 

This fall, TidalWave will develop a fiction comic book series with Daniels called “Stormy Daniels: Space Force.” Captain Stormy Daniels commands the Helix, a starship serving the United Republic of Earth and its leader, “very stable genius” OrDon. Daniels and her crew – capitalists at heart – are for hire. It is Barbarella-meets-Star Trek-meets-Stripperalla in a racy comedy, action and adventure series starring Daniels.

Created by Stormy Daniels and Darren G. Davis featuring art by Pablo Martinena.  The comic book series is written by Michael Frizell and ‘Amazing Race’ alumni, Andrew Shayde.  Special covers by famed comic artist Bill Walko and Agung Prabowo.

“I have joined forces with to create this comic and TidalWave has been so generous with allowing my input”, said Daniels “ I could not be happier with the outcome. Bonus is I get to add badass comic book character to my resume.” 

“We are excited to be teaming up for this far out adventure with Stormy”, said TidalWave publisher Darren G. Davis. “We have not just created a fun comic book but a brand that will include action figures and an animated series”. 

The Bohemia Group will be developing this into an animated series.  “Working with Darren is always an adventure and this one may be one of my favorites.   How often do you get to turn a situation like what happened with Stormy Daniels into a superhero!   I am very excited to see where this one goes and happy to have Bohemia Group apart of it!” said CEO Susan Ferris from the Bohemia Group.  

Released last week was a NEW and updated comic book biography on Stormy.  “Female Force: Stormy Daniels” was created in conjunction with Daniels, who wrote the foreword to the book and edited the story herself. The book features new material, bonus images and an ending that is sure to please those who love stories written to empower and inspire.

Print copies of the biography comics are available on Amazon. Digital versions are available from iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, Kobo and wherever e-books are sold.