New single “Animals Sound The Same” from Taggart & Torrens —featuring Jeremy Taggart, legendary rock drummer and multiple-JUNO Award winner formerly of Our Lady Peace, and Jonathan Torrens, 30-year veteran of Canadian TV (Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, and Mr. D)—co-written with Arkells’ Anthony Carone will be the highlight of your week. Jeremy explains, “Animals Sound The Same is the introduction of Jean Guy & Alec, two men looking to change the Children’s Music game. Anthony really helped nail the kid-like authenticity in the music.” 

It’s the fourth single off their forthcoming debut musical comedy album titled Bahds, which will be released on June 11, 2020 via Dine Alone Records.

Currently Available Singles:
Animals Sound The Same
You Sellin? I’m Byron
Weekend Bumsies
The Score

In the proud Canadian tradition of Bob & Doug, Wayne & Schuster and Mike & Mike comes a compilation, hung together by control room banter from fabled and fictitious music producer Donovan. This celebration of ‘all things Canada’ resonates with TnT listeners, who call themselves ‘Bahds’, and every single song on Bahds is a different genre because all of the beloved TnT characters were tasked with bringing a song. This results in some iconic Canadian references and sounds; shades of Gordon Lightfoot, Drake, Anne Murray, Gino Vanelli and more make Bahds sound as smooth (and smoky) as a Saturday night at the Legion. Blending Jeremy’s musical background with Jonathan’s comedic chops, says Taggart, “It’s been a blast performing a bunch of different styles in the studio.  

The Taggart & Torrens podcast has amassed over 4.5M downloads and picked up the 2018 Canadian Comedy Award for “Best Audio Program”. A weekly cocktail of tales from the road and goofy party games, TnT is a celebration of “Canadianity” – a word Jonathan and Jeremy coined to sum up the nostalgic affection they have for growing up in this country. It is also the title of their recent best-selling book, Canadianity: Tales From the True North Strong and Freezing. Published by HarperCollins, the print edition charted at #4 on The Globe and Mail Bestsellers list while the audiobook hit #1 on the Audible Best Sellers chart. TnT has toured coast to coast, playing shows in every major city in Canada, many of them sold out. 

Bahds Tracklisting:

1. Juno What I Mean 

2. Terry Got Wasted 

3. Who Are You 

4. Supposed To Be Me 

5. I Feel Right Barfy

6. All Day Long 

7. Picky Bits 

8. You Sellin? I’m Byron 

9. A Baffle Between Gino & Joe

10. Montreal Muscle Car Nights 

11. Allô! Donovan

12. Ok Guys, D’accord Les Guys 

13. The Collab was Straight Fire 

14. The Score

15. Suck the Tears from My Face

16. Weekend Bumsies

17. For The Children

18. Animals Sound The Same 

19. Pour Me A Small One

20. For The Birds