Available online at alambika.ca and in a few Montréal restaurants 

Alambika is proud to show its support for Quebec distillers and restaurateurs by launching a new line of take-out cocktail syrups. The cocktail ingredient and accessory store—which was supposed to open its new Alkadémie bar this spring—rolls up its sleeve and presents an initiative created in collaboration with some of the pioneers of the world of spirits: Cirka, 1769, Rhum Sainte-Marie, Distillerie de Montréal, and Distillerie du St. Laurent. The goal? Helping establishments serving take-out to increase their profits, raising awareness about distilleries for something other than hand sanitizer, and MOSTLY, allowing the average man and woman to drink quality cocktails without any hassle, in the comfort and safety of their living room.

Alambika and its partner Prosyro are offering in participating restaurants (Chez Victoire, Le Diplomate, Santa Barbara, La Distillerie, Les Cousins Boucherie, Lorrain) and on the website alambika.ca five pre-mixed cocktails containing craft bitters, citrus juice, vegan emulsifier, and fruit purées. Convenient, rationed, and stable at room temperature, the products are available in 4 oz bottles (4 cocktails). Moreover, a few products already for sale at the store—such as the 3/4 OZ. (Tonic, Ginger Ale, and handcrafted Cola), Les Charlatans, Panache, and KWE syrups—will also be available in small formats. There you have it: a sanitary, pretty, simple take-out cocktail menu that meets the standards. It should be noted that in accordance with Quebec law, alcohol must be purchased at SAQ or come from the personal stock of the clients. Each recipe has been tested and optimized for a specific Quebec spirit. Of course, the cocktails can be made with other similar spirits that we have at home.

THE 5 COCKTAILSWild Strawberry, Cucumber & Sea Salt Sour Salicornia (suggested with St. Laurent gin)Vanilla & Spice Old Fashioned (suggested with Rosemont La Pomme apple brandy)10-Fruit Sunny Rum Punch (suggested with Sainte-Marie rum)Organic Peach Montreal Mule (suggested with Cirka vodka)Bergamot Tonic & Chamomile (suggested with Madison Park gin)
Available online at alambika.ca