Blesson Roy
“Time Is A Crime” EP
Out Now
(Slow Start Records)
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Track Listing:
01. In Tune With The Moon (LYRIC VIDEO)
02. Let It Go (LYRIC VIDEO)
03. Lost & Found (LYRIC VIDEO)
04. Inside
05. Walk This Mile

Life-long “music lover and music doer,” Terry Borden is a child of 1970’s California whose early love of AM radio and his brother’s record collection has led him to numerous career highlights that are still accumulating.
These include: Kind words from Lou Reed, two appearances on David Letterman, guitar hangs with Radiohead, and 250-plus tour dates a year throughout early 2000s as a member of slowcore pioneers Idaho and singer-songwriter Pete Yorn’s backing band Dirty Bird.
Coming of age in Los Angeles during the early 1990’s rise of punk and new wave, Borden’s long and varied career as a studio and touring musician culminates with the release of his own dreamy pop project in 2020. Blesson Roy’s five-song “Time Is A Crime” EP is out now.

Owing to Borden’s stint living and working in the UK where he was influenced by the burgeoning sounds of sub-cultural labels such as 4ADCreationFactory and Rough Trade, the music of Blesson Roy will undoubtedly please fans of all these sounds.
Borden brings real roots song craft to his work, as well, showing that his recent years away from the music industry, but not away from songwriting, have only served to develop his abilities and technique, as Borden masterfully performs all of the instruments on the new tracks himself.
After Borden’s run with Idaho came to an end, he signed with Dave Allen of Gang of Four’s World Domination label as Flotilla, releasing one critically praised album, and while the label eventually folded, the record found some important ears, including those of Yorn.
When Yorn was looking for a touring guitarist, Borden got the gig, eventually switched to his beloved bass and spent another four years out on the road. Then, during a break in touring, Borden decided to make the down time indefinite.
“After a decade-long ride, I took a long time off and away from music and the music business,” he says. “I needed to take a hard look at my life, to clean up some existential messes, and change some unhealthy habits.” Now, revitalized and energized, Borden is continuing to create, write and record music for himself again.