Cinéma Moderne pursues its mission to showcase films from here and elsewhere during this period of confinement. Thanks to the priceless collaboration of independent distributors, the Mile-End movie theatre offers recent films to film buffs that they can watch at home via their new online platform. Faithful to the usual programming, the films on offer are carefully chosen for their cinematic qualities.

Under the circumstances, some new releases had to be postponed or had to leave the big screen prematurely, and Cinéma Moderne is pleased to be able to make them accessible to the public in digital format. This is the case of Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa, nominated at the Academy Awards in the Best International Feature Film category, which tells the story of a man released after a long prison term who hopes to become a priest. Also, Rojo, by Benjamín Naishtat, a tribute to the American thrillers of the 1970s taking place in Argentina, and Olivier Godin‘s Waiting for April, a romantic, epic cop comedy freely inspired by songs and medieval fables.

Added to this list, the Franco-Chinese production The Wild Goose Lake, directed by Diao Yinan, in which a gang leader in search of redemption and a prostitute ready to do anything to regain her freedom find themselves at the heart of a manhunt. Winner of the Golden Leopard at the 2019 Locarno International Film Festival, Vitalina Varela by Pedro Costa transports us to Lisbon, where a woman from Cape Verde arrives three days after her husband’s funeral, and Monsieur Deligny, vagabond efficace, by filmmaker Richard Copans, about the life and legacy of famous French educator Fernand Deligny, are also part of this new online programming.

This Friday, April 10, three new films will be available on the Cinéma Moderne website: O que arde (Fire Will Come) by Óliver Laxe and Beanpole by Kantemir Balagov, two films that each won two awards at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, and Impetus by Jennifer Alleyn, which screened in March in the “From Mile End With Love” series. Until the cinema reopens, the online selection of films will be renewed every week.

Encouraging your friendly neighborhood cinema

In order to support Cinéma Moderne in these difficult times, tote bags bearing the image of cinema are on sale, available in four different models. Gift cards can also be purchased online and can be used when the cinema will reopen. For more information:


Monsieur Deligny, vagabond efficace by Richard Copans

France / 2019 / Original French version / 95 minutes

Distribution: The Party Film Sales, Shellac

Cinéma du réel 2020

Waiting for April by Olivier Godin

Quebec / 2018 / Original French version with English subtitles / 78 minutes

Distribution: La Distributrice de films 

Critic’s Week Berlin 2018

Vitalina Varela by Pedro Costa

Portugal / 2019 / Original Cape Verdean Creole and Portuguese version with French or English subtitles / 124 minutes

Distribution: Acéphale

Golden Leopard – Locarno Film Festival 2019

Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa

Poland / 2019 / Original Polish version with English subtitles / 116 minutes

Distribution: Film Movement
Nominated Best International Feature Film – Academy Awards 2020

The Wild Goose Lake by Diao Yinan

China, France / 2019 / Original Mandarin version with English subtitles / 110 minutes

Distribution: Film Movement

Cannes Film Festival 2019

Rojo by Benjamín Naishtat

Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland / 2018 / Original Spanish version with French or English subtitles / 109 minutes

Distribution: Acéphale

TIFF 2018

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019

O que arde (Fire Will Come) by Óliver Laxe

Spain, France, Luxembourg / 2019 / Original Galician version with French or English subtitles / 85 minutes
Distribution: Funfilm

Un Certain Regard Jury Prize – Cannes Festival 2019

Un Certain Regard Best Sound Design – Cannes Film Festival 2019

Beanpole by Kantemir Balagov

Russia / 2019 / Original Russian version with English subtitles / 139 minutes

Distribution: Kino Lorber

Un Certain Regard Best Director – Cannes Film Festival 2019

FIPRESCI Prize – Cannes Film Festival 2019

Louve d’or – Festival du nouveau cinéma 2019

Impetus by Jennifer Alleyn

Quebec, Canada / 2018 / Original French and English version with French or English subtitles / 94 minutes

Distribution: La Distributrice de films

Montreal International Documentary Festival, 2018

Slamdance Festival, 2019

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