Live theatre returns!

Infinithéâtre SEASON 23—something to celebrate

Nothing can match the communal experience of live theatre

Infinithéâtre Artistic Director Guy Sprung is thankful, relieved and pleased to announce that the company will kick-start live theatre with the world premiere of Paul Van Dyck’s play, King Of Canada, directed by Zach Fraser at the KIN Gallery, October 19 to November 1.

Said Sprung, “You can’t replace the visceral high of live human interaction. Infinithéâtre is re-starting small but gutsy with a play that challenges us to decide if Canada’s longest serving prime minister should be toppled off his pedestal.”

King of Canada is a meta-theatrical political comedy with two actors. The man plays Prime Minister Mackenzie King and the woman plays everybody else; close to forty other characters, including King’s mother, FDR, Churchill, Hitler and three Irish terriers named Pat. Though comedic on the surface, this irreverent and whimsical dramatization of King’s life asks audiences to reconsider the country we once had and the country we want to have. The play begins with a medium inviting the audience to take part in a séance…

There will be a maximum of 20 audience members per performance, offering an intimacy that will allow everyone to experience a theatrical event styled as a private séance bringing King, his spirits and cohorts back to life. Downtown Montréal’s KIN Gallery will go beyond strict health and safety protocols and government guidelines for the production, including innovative plasma ionization technology providing air filtering and purifying systems.

From Julius Frohlich, Kin Gallery founder, “In conjunction with Infinithéâtre and other cultural and arts organizations, I want to provide an exciting space for vibrant programming that is at least as safe as the great outdoors. We want everyone to enjoy a return to normalcy despite these Covid times.”

The Infinite Playwrights’ Chat Room Zoom/Facebook series in May/June was such a huge success with the playwrights, the theatre community across Canada and the general public, that Infinithéâtre is organizing a second series with six different plays and playwrights this September.

Coming to the KIN Gallery in March 2021 is Marc-André Thibault’s Mazel-Tov directed by Ellen David. Further details of the 2020-21 season will be released in September.

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