Awarded the Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival 2019


Axia Films is pleased to announce that the film UN FILS was released in Quebec cinemas on July 3rd. Director Mehdi M. Barsaoui’s feature film received the Best Film award at the 2019 Hamburg Film Festival, and stars Najla Ben Abdallah and Sami Bouajila (Omara Me Killed, Indigenous),who won the Best Actor Award at the 2019 Venice Film Festival for this role.

Far├Ęs (Sami Bouajila) and Meriem (Najla Ben Abdallah) along with Aziz, their 9-year-old son, a modern Tunisian family from a privileged background. During a trip to southern Tunisia, their car is targeted by a terrorist group and the young boy is seriously injured.

For his first feature film, the young Tunisian director Mehdi M. Barsaoui tells the story of a family mixed with a geopolitical drama, and brilliantly alternates moments of tension and sweetness, to better embed his intimate and political narrative with multiple themes: parentage, socio-cultural weight, mutation of a country, trafficking of children, organ donations. This breathltaking tragedy offers a singular look at Tunisia, through the prism of a vibrant duo of actors, and makes us think of the cinema of Asghar Farhad.