Day Release

German short film directed by Martin Winter which deals with a young single mother who is in prison, gets a day release and finds her three-year-old son (Christopher Legenza – first film) not doing well in the care of her unstable mother (Birgit Linauer – One of Us). Kathi (Anna Suk – Cops) has to be back by 6 pm, so has to quickly decide what to do about her young son.

Doing the right things for your kids is hard in the best of circumstances. Kathi is not operating under the best of circumstances. Imprisoned with some time left on her sentence, this single mother of a young boy has it tough. Her mother is taking care of him, but the environment is not great. The father (Patrick Schmidl) of the child does not really want to get involved as he is married and has a child on the way. Options are limited. But Kathi knows things cannot continue as they have been. A tough decision is going to have to be made.

Though the film is only 35 minutes long it will be as gut wrenching a watch as a feature length film. Lots of emotion packed in to a film without much dialogue. Suk has to express all that is going on inside of her character’s head and heart without saying much. A tough ask, but she does it wonderfully. Has your heart breaking right alongside Kathi’s.

A complex and honest portrait of motherhood happens here. Several different types of mothers are portrayed here. All showing the challenges of being one no matter your age or circumstances. What rings true is that no matter what type of mother you are that a mother always loves and puts the needs of their child before their own. Kathi is a young mom in a tough situation who is trying to do her best for her child.

The film has made its round on the festival circuit earning several well-deserved prizes.

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