Zensa Media – Cooking show challenge for Canadians

Zensa Media’s cooking show is called Cooking In Quarantine (The Covid-19 Edition). It is to inspire the audience with some fun recipes during this health issue that is affecting the public.

In association with their tenth episode, they will offer a gift certificate for a well known Montreal dessert shop for the best recipe video with some humor. It is their way of showing some support for local restaurants. They are pleased to have special guest judge Simon Chang, Canadian Icon (Fashion Designer) for the contest.

Their project is a not for profit project as they are working on this project to inspire the audience with some humor during this easing of the quarantine.

Zensa Media’s cooking show will be shown on social media, on their exclusive TheZensaMedia YouTube channel and on the Emmy Award winning The Dragon Digital tv network in Baltimore and Washington, an Arts & Culture non profit tv station.

Here is a Nutella crepe recipe from one of their audience members as an example:

If you would like to submit a recipe video for their cooking show, you can visit www.zensamedia.com for more information or check them out on Facebook Zensa Media.

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