Today loads of people meet their significant others via technology. Dating apps or the like. As the technology advances so it does in regards to dating. First we met people on the phone then it moved on to websites like and now we have things like Tinder. All you have to do is look at a photo and swipe left or right. Even the evil empire that is Facebook is getting in on the action….pun…sorry. There is no doubt the technology will continue to advance.What do you think comes next?

This is what director Mike Testin’s (Dementia) film investigates. When we allow technology to overtake all aspects of our lives what is the risk? What if someone hacks into our stuff? How much control are we relinquishing?

Richard (Lukas Haas – Witness, Inception), a pretty successful, but single guy, has been trying to find his match through online dating. He is new to it as he had gone through an ugly breakup with his ex. As an introvert meeting women online seems to work for him. He even becomes interested in a beautiful woman who lives in the building opposite his and who he can see from his window.

Soon his life is in chaos. His money is gone. His furniture has been repossessed. His rent hasn’t been paid, so he even finds himself locked out of his apartment. A total nightmare. Even his job hangs by a thread. Richard is convinced that his identity has been hacked or stolen from the online dating service he is using.

Wanting his life back, Richard begins to try to figure out who is behind all this. All he gets though is more paranoid and not sure what is real anymore.

Tight budget and a small cast. This is what Testin has to work with. Some have not been hampered by such limits in the past. Such is not the case here. With such a tangled mess of a film it is hard to put your finger on what went wrong in the bringing it to the screen.

Doing battle with a faceless enemy who hides in the mysterious world of technology is an interesting beginning nugget to a story. But you have to go a little further than that to give the viewer something to sink their teeth into. That never really occurs. Frustrating. Other things, things which don’t really advance the story or add layers to it, are focused on.

Lukas Haas has taken part in quite a few horror films. He is no rookie. Cast perfectly as an introverted guy looking for a connection then being forced to fight to get a life stolen from him back. Does a good job portraying a man being pushed towards the edge while trying to give off the illusion of being composed and in control.

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