On the occasion of its 24th edition “online” from August 20 to September 2, the Fantasia festival is proud to once again give a special place to Quebec cinema with the presentation of the 2020 version of the “Fantastic Weekends of Quebec Cinema”! Throughout the festival, moviegoers will have the opportunity to watch many of Quebec’s most interesting creations this year, from a selection of more than 70 short films and 6 Quebec feature films.

Quebec feature films with world premiere

No less than 6 Quebec feature films will be presented as world premieres this year. Here are the expected titles:

-Produced across the Frontiers Market of the Fantasia Festival, SLAXX by Montreal director ElzaKephart, starring Romane Denis (Charlotte a du fun), Sehar Bhojani (The Handmaid’s Tale:La servante écarlate ), Brett Donahue (RADIUS) and Kenny Wong (Transplant) tells the story of a pair of jeans that terrorizes the team.

YANKEE by Stephanie Beaudoin (L’heure bleueOpération Amber), a Montreal drama thriller where a young woman becomes, against her will, a fighter in illegal duels. An emotional first feature film!

HAIL TO THE DEADITES, a documentary about fans of THE EVIL DEAD films directed by Steve Villeneuve (Under the scares), the film immerses us in the world of horror conventions and the community of fans of the genre.

SAYO, a fantastic and poetic fable by Jeremy Rubier, which will take you into the world of the dead. First feature film produced completely independently, shot throughout Japan, strongly imbued with the culture and beautiful landscapes of the country.

BLEED WITH ME horror thriller by director Amelia Moses, which plunges us into the head of a young woman who thinks her blood is stolen by her best friend. A creepy and tense atmosphere for lovers of psychological horror.

2011 by Alexandre Prieur-Grenier, a surreal thriller starring Émile Schneider, Catherine Chabot and Hugolin Chevrette. Independent production and very free artistically, the film will lock you in the apartment of an editor, while the latter goes crazy while finishing the assembly of a film.

4 evenings of free short films live on Facebook

A total of 5 short film programs will be broadcast free of charge over 4 evenings between August 20 and September 2. Several filmmakers that Fantasia has supported since their beginning are back in the 5 different programs offered. Among the participants are: LANDGRAVE by Jean-François Leblanc (Le Prince de Val-Bé) who received several awards at the last Take It Court gala; REGRET by Santiago Menghini, winner of the Fantastic Weekends of Cinema in the past with his films Red Wine and Milk; ROSELINE COMME DANS LES FILMS by Sara Bourdeau who plunges you into a fabulous life, with Louise Portal; and the world premiere of Emmanuelle Lacombe’s touching L’ÂGE D’OR, shot mostly at the St-Michel Flea Market.

It should also be noted that one of Quebec’s short film programs will be a program entirely dedicated to short genre films directed by Aboriginal filmmakers, in partnership with Wapikoni Mobile.