Conversation with Simon Chang

Zensa Media is looking forward to their tenth episode cooking challenge contest for their Cooking In Quarantine (The Covid-19 Edition) for Canadians. Seema Arora and co-producer Alexandra T. quizzed Simon Chang (Canadian Icon Fashion Designer) on some of his favorite local restaurants and favorite dishes to cook during this easing of the quarantine.

They are so pleased to have Simon as one of our guest judges for their tenth episode and are looking forward to receiving your video recipes with some humor. Four judges will select the best video of a recipe that they will receive and you will have a chance to win a gift certificate for a well known Montreal dessert shop. It is their way of showing some support for local restaurants as well.

Zensa Media’s Cooking show is available exclusively on their TheZensaMedia YouTube channel and is being shown on the Award winning DDT cable tv network in Baltimore and Washington, USA.

What is your favorite Montreal restaurant?

Simon: I’ve always been a fan of Estiatorio Milos on Park Ave., in Montreal. I enjoy their Mediterranean flavor. The cuisine is excellent…always the finest ingredients. I prefer restaurants with “simple cooking” that allow the star of the dish to shine.

What is your favorite Comfort food?

Simon: I love a good stir-fry. For me, I find comfort in my Asian style cooking. There is nothing more simple that a stir-fry…anything goes. My one trick is to begin by infusing my seasoning flavors into the oil.

Which is your favorite dish to cook at home, especially during this quarantine?

Simon: I love one pot meals. I guess this is why stir-frys are great. I also enjoy soups.

Name a favorite dessert.

Simon: I’m not a big dessert person. I’m not into chocolate. I do love ice cream in all its many flavors. I guess my “go to” dessert is fruit. I love fruit and visually all the wonderful colors make me happy.

Give us a fun recipe that you would like to share with the audience.

Simon: I would love to share a recipe but I don’t really use recipes. My advice is that people should buy the foods and seasonings that they like and then create using all their favorite ingredients. That’s what I do. You’re rarely disappointed if you like everything you put into the dish. Taste as you’re cooking and follow your instincts.

Top three ingredients that you often cook with are?

Simon: I love cooking greens…asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, various Chinese greens, etc…green, green, green!
I’m a fan of peppery seasonings and I love my red chili oils.

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