Mo Kenney’s Take on Patsy Cline’s “You Belong to Me” 🌸

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“Old country songs remind me of hanging out with my grandfather Ozzy in West Gore. The radio was always on and old country songs were always playing. I’ve been a fan of Patsy Cline since I was a kid and “You Belong to Me” is my favourite song she sings.

Joel Plaskett and I produced this song together. The recording experience was pretty laid back. I had just got back from touring and had been playing this song pretty much every night. I sat down in the studio and played it a few times and got the take.

This song has a real solitary, lonely vibe that I think really reflects the times we’re all living in right now. 

I hope you can find enjoyment in listening to my take on this classic.”

-Mo Kenney

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